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Rubber Activator 480

  Rubber Activator 480
  Thanks to the quick development of Chinese waste rubber industry, there become more and more waste rubber varieties to cause the original Rubber activator 420 failing to follow up the requirement of waste rubber production. In the close cooperation with Chemical Dept. of Anhui University for more than a year, a new rubber activator with the features of high efficiency, odorless for reclaimed rubber has been unveiled and the commends from more than 100 manufactures shows the optimistic effect and various technical indexes.
  1. This product synthesized with diversified chemicals features sound stability and better penetrability, not like Rubber activator 420 made with the materials without standard and the remade rubber is not stable in quality since the rubber activator itself is not stable. On the other hand,B-480 high efficiency odorless activator assumes the prominent effects in the energy/material saving and quality enhancement.
  2. The regenerated rubber is improved both in strength and elongation and decreased Mooney Viscosity.







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